The biggest mistake of my life …

August 17, 2015

When I was an adolescent, I attended a summer day camp for disabled children in Racine.  The camp counselors treated me like a counselor.  We talked about college which was my dream.  I fell in love with a female counselor.  She was physical attractive to me.  We spent hours together talking.  At the end of the sixth week the summer camp held an overnight campout at the campgrounds.  I was allowed to stay up with the counselors after the campers were put to bed to drink beer around the campfire.  After most of the counselors went to bed, I stayed up with the female and a male counselor.  She said, “Steve, let’s go skinny-dipping.”” No,” I said, since I had taken a “dump” in my pants.  I was too embarrassed to ask to be cleaned up.  She stalked off to her tent.  In an instant I knew that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.  It will haunt me until my last breath.


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