Life Happening

August 4, 2015

Scott Walker doesn’t like answering questions.  Imagine living with care attendants who don’t know you that well or understand you.  You are thrust into the real world one night when your mother who has taken care of you for forty seven years suddenly passes away.  Simple questions like when do you eat or what do you want to wear can take time to be understood, but I do my best.  My mother made all of my decisions for me except writing decisions.  Now I have to make big decisions like where to live, hiring a care agency to care for me two days after my mother passes, adapting to the new attendants, going places like the bank to take out money and meeting my roommates.  I’m an adult now living on my own.  I already fired one care attendant for not cleaning up me enough after I had bad diarrhea.  I’m taking care of myself!  Meanwhile I’m waiting to hear from my agent about whether a publisher accepts my book.  Most people would have a mental breakdown, but I keep moving forward.  I have to,but negative thoughts creep into my mind like I’m a failure which I’m not.  My life is just starting.  While our regressive Governor dodges questions the real author moves onward.  My people are just an email away.  My question to the Governor is how would he handled the situation that I’m now?  !


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