“Steve, now you can go places.”

July 30, 2015

“Steve, now you get to go places!  Steve, if you go anywhere where it would be?” New York and Eagle River of coarse.  “You can do anything now.  Let’s go out!  You need to go out more.  Also, you need an augmentative communication device.”  I just spent one hundred dollars for armrests and an urinal today.  Mom didn’t have insurance on the van!  So I won’t be going anywhere.  Mom used up my money in the lock box that I saved for two years for PR!  It makes me angry.  The world is at my fingertips but it is beyond my reach.  “Morse code is too slow, Steve.  Get an augmentative communication device” … which probability costs ten grand.  “You can go bowling with disabled people.”  Me bowling, right?  I can’t afford that!  I just want to be published, write, be with a woman and go up north this fall.  I don’t want much in life.  But how can I start living without money?  Damit it mom!  What were you thinking? I’ll make it!


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