I love you, Mom!

July 20, 2015

Living with Mom has become difficult.  She forgets who will be here to get me up and when I go anywhere she wants to where.  Mom wants to know when the bus is coming and when I’m coming home.  She calls the bus if I’m late.  I’m managing my attendants, being a writer, and an author with a career.  That’s why I have to work all day.  It’s frustrating!  When I tell people that I’m an author or have an agent, Mom says that isn’t important.  She says that she has to know what is going on.  I could be working on care, talking to my agent, emailing, doing publicly, editing, writing, and critiquing.  That’s my life now!  Mom wants me to be independent, but I try to be independent she doesn’t like it.  I’m making decisions, but Mom needs to let go.  What will happen to Mom when I move out?  She is going to be lost without me.  I will miss her. 
My Mom passed away on Saturday night.  I’m an adult now at the age of forty seven.  I’m scared like shit!  My family thinks that I can’t be alone, but where were they for five years!  Now they have taken over the “messy” house whispering behind my back saying what an awful mother mom was.  They are filling my house with their stuff.  In a few days it will be a new house.  I’m supposed be watching movies, but I don’t watch movies.  I write!  Now they want me to be like them living in their world.  Writing about this new chapter in my life is one of the ways that I will get through this odyssey.  Eagle River was here today.  My best friends talk to me like a man, giving me strength.  I love you, Mom! 

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