Confusing Times

July 20, 2015

While the Governor campaigns in Iowa as a reformer of education and a progressive of long-term home health care,  I’m starting a new life.  A staff is being assembled.  I have met four new attendants in the past days.  There are more attendants coming.  It’s a major life adjustment having new people watch and take me to the bathroom.  But I’ll adjust.  Just be patient with me please.  I’m not really mad at my family.  Sometimes I overdo it with my writing.  So I will apologize to my family.  This is not easy for them either especially for my sister.  She is grieving too!  She has a career, two girls, a deadline to meet for a project and undo a big mess.  My sister and I have to get along now.  That won’t be easy because we have never gotten along.  I will try.  We’re both stubborn.  I  love her.  She is the most beautiful woman that I know.  I’m sorry.


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