June jam

June 23, 2015

A reader of my article implied that the disabled are useless since we can’t or will not work.  Why should he have to pay more in taxes to care for “cripples” who shouldn’t have been brought into the world?  Well, let me see … while the Governor is in Canada “playing” a Republican candidate the Republican legislature “plays” hot potato with the budget.  Essentially nothing will get done meaning that if the new budget isn’t passed by July the current budget will stand.  Our lawmakers are too busy making names for themselves and promoting their books on CNN … books they didn’t write on their own.  Meanwhile last week I did publicity, “hired” a new care attendant from Craigslist if he applies and my care agency doesn’t reject him, emailed, and started writing a new book.  I don’t work, right?  Ha!  All I do is work.  That’s my life.  My mother makes strawberry jam and I pursue my career. 
It’s the third week of June.  Mom will go to the farmers’ market at Sherman Plaza, which she does each Sunday before I get up. May through Halloween she goes to the small farmers’ market buying vegetables and fruit for us to eat.  This farmers’ market is Mom’s “home” like the writing conference is for me.  She doesn’t miss a Sunday always buying too much food.  I enjoy eating the home grown food, but much of it will go to waste.  She will buy several boxes of strawberries to make strawberry jam.  We will have strawberry shortcake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  I eat well!  Homemade food is nice, but I need and want more out of life. 

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