Dear Guv,

June 2, 2015

Dear State of Wisconsin and Governor Walker,
My name is Steven Salmon.  You know me.  I’m the CP author, aka the thorn in your side.  Governor, or should I say Republican forerunner candidate for President and author?  I can’t keep up with you.  Going to Israel, speaking engagements, being an author, and being the governor of the Wisconsin.  How do you it?  I’m just a number in the system with a college degree.  You’re right, Governor that the long-term care system doesn’t work.  You know since you are a parent of a disabled child.  Care attendants come and go like the wind.  Did you know that school teachers are paid twenty dollars an hour, zookeepers make twenty three dollars an hour, but care attendants earn eleven dollars an hour?  Is this how Wisconsin treats the disabled?  Sadly yes.  Imagine having to urinate and lying in bed waiting for your attendant to show up.  I have good attendants because I asked for good people as I pursue my career.  You want to solve this problem.  Here’s how you do it.  Attendants should make fifteen dollars an hour, and receive a two week paid vacation with five sick days a year.  College educated clients should be able to give their attendants raises base on good performance through a course of a year.  The longer an attendant stays with a client the more money an attendant earns.  Silly rules mandated by the State like initialing time sheets and Strand Precaution Training should be eliminated for experienced attendants.  These meaningless rules make good attendants want to quit their jobs.  Why don’t you go run for President?  When you fail, I will hire you to be my nighttime attendant to clean me up at midnight.  You will need a job by April.  You’re hired.

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