The State’s Mandates

March 3, 2015

The State needs to have three different categories for disabled people.  Here are my three categories based on abilities, employment, and earnings.  The cognitively physically disabled should have the opportunity to work community workshops earning at least two thousand dollars a year.  The learning physically disabled should be employed in the community doing jobs according to their mental and physical abilities  earning at least five thousand dollars or more a year.  The college educated physically disabled should be employed in their fields earning the same income as their co-workers for the same amount of work.  In college, I did the same work as my classmates, it just took me longer to do.  If I needed more time to finish an assignment, I received it.  The quality of the work is what matters.  This should apply in the real world for the educated physically disabled.  The nine hundred dollars limit is demeaning and restricts a disabled person’s potential.  What person wants to work for nine hundred dollars a year?  No one.  Income shouldn’t be tied to care.  The State needs to provide quality care to the disabled to lead productive  happy lives.  Isn’t that what the State wants?  Then eliminate this outdated rule!


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