Congratulations, Patrick Barlow

December 8, 2014

About twenty five years ago I sat in a small cramped office waiting to talk to one of my first mentors, Patrick Barlow.  Pat was a Drama instructor at Madison College.  He always challenged his students, including me!  I looked at him and said, “Pat, I want to write a play.  I can’t be a writer.  DVR said that I can’t do anything.  They are right I guess.”
“Steve, the hell with DVR!  All you talk about is being a writer and the Packers.  It’s time to stop talking about being a writer and become a writer.  You write the play and I’ll critique it!”
That was the start of my writing career.  Twenty five years later, I’m an author with three published books, three other written manuscripts, a literary agent and a blog.  Patrick created an author!  Thank you, Patrick!  Enjoy retirement.  You deserve it, my friend.  Love, your author

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