What America is about … and not.

October 28, 2014

Dear Kock brothers and Democratic party,
It’s funny how Wisconsin doesn’t have money for education and Medicaid.  However, the Republicans, aka the Kock brothers, and the Democratic party are wasting millions of dollars on negative political TV commercials trying to persuade voters to vote for them.  This happens every election with Republicans and Democrats thrashing each other begging from us to mud sling.  The governor accuses Mary Burke of plagiarism.  What does that have to do with the real issues facing Wisconsin, like cutting education and Medicaid?  Nothing?  Walker would’t know what plagiarism is!  He probably can’t write a sentence even though he has a book.  That’s another matter.  My point is that we, as Americans, need to demand that political candidates stick to the issues. The nation needs to find solutions.  Until we do that money will be wasted on nonsense.  Politicians tend to forget they serve the people not themselves or a few, like the Kock brothers.  Now that’s what America is about! 

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