Walker’s Plan

October 7, 2014

The only positive thing that Governor Walker has done in the last four years is to create an employment program for the disabled.  Governor Walker wants to use four hundred million dollars to create jobs for the disabled. Here’s how the revenue should be spent according to a CP author’s opinion. One hundred million should be used to establish community workshops for the cognitively disabled in every county seat in Wisconsin.  Another one hundred million dollars should go to the people with learning disabilities for adaptive aides.  One and fifty million dollars should be given to the Waisman Center for adaptive technologies for the physically disabled to help make the physically disabled able to work.  Fifty million dollars should be given to college-educated, talented physically disabled people to pursue their careers.  This is a noble deed by Governor Walker.  I admire him for it.  I can’t believe that I said that.  Will the governor listen to me?  No!


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