Cool it, Steve.

September 28, 2014

Hi, English family
How are you?  Here’s a story of an impatient author.  The agent emails the author saying the title needs to be changed.  Also, the manuscript needs to be changed from past tense to present.  Well, this stupid impatient author who you know writes a negative reply which was stupid!  He should have emailed the English people instead, but he wasn’t thinking!  The agent emails back to reassure the author that he is right on track.  The manuscript goes out to publishers early next year.  Now the stupid author will edit again and remember to email the English family when he gets impatient.  I think that the author has learned his lesson.  Just be there if you receive an impatient email from me and please remind me to cool it.  For a strange reason he only listens to you.  I love you.  Steve

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