The rewards of work

September 1, 2014

It’s frustrating to me when some politicians write and publish books.  They always claim that they have written their books in a year.  No one writes a book in a year!  Well, I wrote a book in eight months writing eight hours a day working until eleven o’clock at night.  No politician does that!  Then politicians get a big time publisher to publish their book into a hardcover costing twenty-five dollars a book.  They probably get two dollars a book.  I never make a dime for my books!  It’s must be nice to have a book signing at a bookstore.  I never have a book signing.  Imagine that!  The news media interviews Paul Ryan or Hilary Clinton in a minute, but I’m not news.  All that I do is write and write.  The next time a politician wants to write a book, have them write it using Morse code writing eight hours a day.  Now that’s a story! 


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