Memorial Day

May 25, 2014

It’s Memorial Day weekend this week.  People are having picnics celebrating the beginning of summer.  But people tend to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day honoring our veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We as a country need to do more for our veterans especially for our disabled veterans.  Waiting lists for medical equipment, accessible housing, health care and employment for disabled veterans need to  be eliminated.  But these true American heroes are put on waiting lists.  Why?  They deserve only the best.  This is how our government treats the disabled all of the time.  Society and the government promises only the best to the disabled and the veterans, but we are just numbers to bureaucrats.  It is too easy to put a number on a waiting list.  Each number is a person with needs.  Until the government and society views the disabled as individuals not numbers than waiting lists will always exist slowly making disabled people want to give up.  There has to be a better way to treat our veterans and the disabled. 


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