Mad Brackets

March 18, 2014

This week I will spend watching the NCAA basketball tournament resting up for the writing conference two weeks away.  My picks will suck, but I won’t care.  The writing conference will be on my mind.  That’s all, I care about! 
                        The author’s NCAA’s 2014 Basketball Tournament Picks
Opening games
Tennessee because Iowa sucks! 
North Carolina State
Texas Southern
Tiebreaker  First Total Points in the Final Game: 87 points
Tiebreaker  Second Total Points of the Winning Team in Final Game: 89 points
First round      Second round       Third round       Fourth round
Colorado     Florida
Stephen Austin
Tulsa     Tulsa      Florida
Syracuse     Syracuse
New Mexico
Kansas      kansas           Syracuse             Florida
Mempis          Virginia
Michigan S     Michigan S              Michigan State
North Carolina
Iowa St    North Carolina
Villnova     Connecticut         North Carolina         Michigan State
Oklahoma S      Oklahoma S
North Dakota
San Diego S        San Diego S     San Diego State
Creighton       Creighton
Wisconsin     Wisconsin     Wisconsin       Wisconsin
Witcha State
Kentucky        Witcha State
North Carolina State
Louisville         Louisville        Louisville
Mercer        Tennessee
Michigan            Michigan          Michigan        Louisville
My Final Four: Florida, Michigan State, Oklahoma State and Louisville
Championship game: Michigan State verses Louisville.  Michigan State wins it all

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