Happy Birthday, Mom

March 11, 2014

It’s my mom birthday this week.  She is the most dedicated mother sacrificing her life for me.  She is an amazing woman who doesn’t complain or want anything for herself.  But she needs to let me make decisions for myself.  Mom controls my social security.  I don’t see a nickel of it.  She doesn’t misuse it.  I always have what I need or want.  But sometimes she buys stuff for me that I don’t want like when my nieces were selling magazines for school.  Mom purchases Sports Illustration without asking me.  When I want money for book publicity, the answer is no.  It’s getting time for me to move out, but I’m scared.  I’m tired of her making decisions.  But life wouldn’t be any better living on my own relying on care attendants.  I’m spoiled. 


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