Sad Anniversary

December 10, 2013

It’s the week of the Sandy Hook shooting.  The news media will be in New Town, Massachusetts, covering the one year anniversary of the shooting.  Nothing has changed in regards to gun control.  President Obama has to tried to pass gun control laws, but politicians are more influenced by revenue from the NRA and protecting people’s Second Amendment rights than protecting people from these random acts of violence.  More shootings will happen and more people will die until we have gun control.  People are always shocked when the shootings happen and people die.  Nothing changes.  When our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment, they didn’t imagine today’s world.  My father had severe depression.  He attempted suicide eight times in two years.  After the first suicide attempt, my mother took away his guns.  If she hadn’t done it, we probably would be dead.  It’s something to think about a CP author wouldn’t be around.  Mentally ill people shouldn’t be allowed guns! 


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