Dear Governor Walker,

November 26, 2013

Congratulations on your book!  That’s quite an accomplishment!  Several questions that I want to ask you.  How long did it take you to write the book?  How many hours do you write a day?  How many books do you plan to write?  Did you write the book or did you hire a ghostwriter?  Do you have a literary agent?  How did you get on TV?  What is the secret?  Do you have ebooks?  Is your book in bookstores?  Did you take out a grant to do publicity?  Did you self publish?  It’s hard being an author plus being the Governor! 

My name is Steven Salmon.  I’m the cerebral palsy author of three published books.  Currently, I’m writing my sixth book using Morse code to write since I’m unable to use my hands.  I write each day for eight hours.  I have a literary agent.  I beat you on that one!  But you don’t need a literary agent.  You’re a publicity magnet attracting the news media everywhere you go.  The media ignores me.  I have two manuscripts ready to send out to publishers, but I don’t have money to do publicity.  I have to buy my own books to put in local bookstores on consignment.  You can buy autographed copies of my books for fifteen dollars at the UW Bookstore in the Wisconsin author section.  It costs me two hundred dollars to have my books converted to ebooks.  No disabled organization will help me finance publicity.  It costs six hundred dollars to apply for a grant.  I can’t afford that.  It makes me feel small and insignificant.  You expect disabled people to work.  Then you cut Medicaid limiting opportunities for people with disabilities.  You should be ashamed of yourself being a parent of a disabled child.  Good luck running for governor and president.  An author will be watching trying to remind people of your shameful policies.  Then you’ll have all of the time to write another book.  This time, write it yourself!  


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