Mark, R.I.P.

November 4, 2013

To Joan and Rock: Mark will never be forgotten.  He taught and inspired me to live.  Mark lives on through me.  The pain will always be there, but it does get easier as time passes.  He loves you like I love my people! 
To my people, you are stuck with me!  I have unfinished business to accomplish.  Go Packers! 
It has been two years since my nonverbal friend committed suicide.  At the time I felt that I should have traded places with him.  So much has changed in my life, and yet life has remained the same.  Writing and writing trying to get somewhere.  I spent a beautiful summer day at Monona Terrace to figure out how my friend committed suicide, so I could write about it for the new manuscript.  I have never been to Monona Terrace before.  It’s gorgeous there.  Even though I tried to envision the suicide in my mind, I don’t understand what he was thinking.  Time passes by, I don’t see my family or friends much anymore.  Sometimes loneliness eats at my heart, but I know that I’m loved and needed by my people.  The English family won’t let me quit! 
Love, Steve

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