Obamacare is worse than slavery? Yeah, right.

October 15, 2013

A Republican congressman said that Obamacare is worse than slavery!  What kind of BS is this?  It’s just more political grandstanding by a tea party Republican who has no idea what slavery was.  I’m not comparing slavery to how the government treats the physically disabled, but in a lot of ways the government treats the physically disabled as slaves.  I have to work, but I can’t make over nine hundred dollars a year.  Who works for that kind of money?  I can’t live where I want to live.  I have to wait a year to receive a new electric wheelchair while the government argues about paying for a new electric wheelchair.  Is this fair or right?  That’s why universal heath care is needed in this country!  Politicians need to stop playing games and giving interviews to CNN.  Get working together putting the government back work.  That’s what America is about!  If universal health care is repealed by Republicans, then insurance companies should have to cover people with preexisting health conditions at no cost.  It’s only fair.



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