September 11

September 10, 2013

The care attendant stood next to the client sitting in an electric wheelchair waiting for an elevator.  People ran past them screaming, “Get out now!  The towers are falling!”  “You go,” said the disabled person to the attendant.  The attendant stayed with the disabled person.      Walls and ceilings started to fall.  The floor started to collapse swallowing the two of them up in an instant into the massive pile of rubble.  Days passed until some rescue workers discovered a person’s body draped over the disabled individual shielding it from debris.  A moment of silence was given with the American flag waving above the two people on a perfect sunny day.  The recuse workers wondered who these people were and the stories behind their lives.  The news media never told the story of the attendant and the wheelchair-bound person to the general public.

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