A Good Night

May 28, 2013

Last Sunday night will be always memorable.  I took off Sunday to watch a couple of innings of the Brewers game.  Then I watched the Spurs and the Grizzlies game.  I ate supper.  There was nothing on TV sports wise.  I critiqued a paper for a Speech instructor at the technical college.  I have to have a job in order to be eligible to receive home care.  My social security is too high.  It’s a stupid rule made up by the stupid system that says I’m unemployable.  Typical!  I emailed a batch of critiques that basically say the same thing to the instructor.  Mom is sleeping.  I see an email from “my agent.”   But I don’t open it until I email the papers.  I read her email offering a contract.  I go cuckoo!  I say yes!  Then I email my people telling them that we have an agent!  Ashes thinks that I have lost my mind.  I shut down that computer.  I woke up Mom.  She doesn’t believe me at first.  But she does after she sees how giddy I am watching espn.  That’s an author’s life.  It’s something that the system won’t ever understand! 


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