A day in the life …

December 4, 2012

“Someone will be meeting him there,” Mom said to the bus driver.  The bus was on time taking me to the Overture Center to meet one of my care workers to attend the book festival, but the bus driver wouldn’t let me off.  He goes into the lobby to look for a person he doesn’t know.  He comes back and radios the dispatcher asking the dispatcher what to do.  She tells him to wait for a few minutes and then he can go.  I tried to say that I wanted to go inside, but he ignores me.  We go to the west side of Madison picking up his wife and a disabled man.  The bus takes the disabled man home.  We return to the Overture Center, but the driver wants to take me home.  “No,”I scream.”  He lets me off.  Mom, over-protective, hinders my independence.  It’s just another story that will eventually lead to a best selling author.  If people only knew.  Someday they will. 

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