My publisher, P…

October 1, 2012

My publisher, Publish America is emailing me with enticing emails like book reviews in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. Each day there are more intriguing emails from Publish America like an ebook agent wanting to represent me and a major newspaper wanting to write an article about me.  What author wouldn’t want that?  But the catch is that I have to pay Publish America money to have these enticing things.  I even have spent my hardest earned money to buy my books to put in local bookstores.  I purchased ebooks from Publish America that cost me two hundred dollars to put on  I don’t have much money.  No disabled organization will help with money to advance my writing career.  I have looked into getting a grant, but I would need six hundred dollars to apply for a grant.  I wonder sometimes why I try hard to become successful when the system won’t help me.  But a friend  said people haven’t heard the last of Steven.  I will make it happen.


One Response to “My publisher, P…”

  1. Hey Steve, it’s Bob (I post Steve’s pieces for him) … Beware paying them money. Generally, legitimate agents, editors, publishers, etc., do not ask for money up front. If they do, it’s very often a scam. Actors are advised NEVER to go with any agent who wants them to pay for coaching, lessons, listings, contacts, go-sees, auditions, etc. See if you can check them out on line before you pay them anything.

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