June 12, 2012

I emailed a reporter from The Capital Times for several months trying to get a newspaper article for my new children’s book.  The rest of the Madison news media ignores me.  The reporter wants to do a feature article about me, but I have to wait a couple of months.  So I wait.  But I email her.  She eventually comes to interview me and my mom.  I tell her about the writer’s conference in April.  She attends   the writer’s conference.She takes notes and helps to  pitch my manuscript to agents.  The reporter hands out my personal card to writers and collects cards.  We are getting along well together.  She interviews my care worker and Amber at the mall. I thought  that I had an article.But then she disappeared.  She doesn’t return my emails.  Her phone is disconnected.  I learn that she doesn’t work for the newspaper anymore.  All of my hard work is wasted.  If the news media   saw how much time it takes me to write an email.  Maybe they would do a story.  That’s a author’s life.  The media haven’t heard the last of me. 


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