May 23, 2012


I mark days that I go out of the house during a year with orange road construction barrels in my mind. With each passing year, I go out less. I have figured that I leave the house about thirty days a year.  I go to the doctor’s office, the barber shop,  the mall, the technical college, the book festival, the Capitol for disabled day and the writer’s conference.  April is one month that I do get out of the house with the writer’s conference and seeing my best friend Amber when she brings her forensic team to Madison to compete at the university.  October is the book festival when I try to sell my books.  The rest of the year I am at home writing or watching sports.  I don’t see my family much any more.  Life moves on. 



I look forward to seeing you every April at the mall.  Those two hours are precious to me.  I love you.  Steve


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